It’s Definitely My Hormones, I am NOT Crazy….

by R.D.C, Guest Blogger, Fellow MANIAC

Last week my entire world seemed to be turned upside down. Although it was an unusually slow week at work, nothing seemed to go right. One of my employees called in sick, I felt like bursting into tears.  A patient (I’m a nurse) complained about the thread count of the sheets – I wanted to scream at them for being so ridiculous. Then out of nowhere, I would be sitting in my office entering paperwork and I would begin sweating profusely. I would check the temperature to make sure someone had not been tampering with the AC, but the only tampering was clearly with my hormones.

And I could not understand why – I had been taking my pills religiously as directed and my last doctor visit had not been that long ago. I had all the symptoms of skipping my hormones – even my clothes were fitting tighter and I was incessantly bloated. Despite my discomfort, I made it through the week without ripping anyone’s head off or crying in public.  For those of you that can sympathize, you know it was quite an accomplishment!

On Saturdays, I generally do a few chores and get the house back into order after the busy work week.  And of course that always includes cleaning the bathrooms (because as many of you may be able to relate, husbands rarely offer to take care of that chore!) As usual, I pulled everything off the bathroom counter to wipe it off and replaced things in the cabinet that had been sitting out all week.  My husband and I are at that age when we each take a lot of pills and glasses are must to read most things just a few inches from our face. I might also admit that our memories are less than perfect, so those M-T-W-T-F-S-S pill containers come in very handy. I have one for my prescriptions and one for my vitamins. They are the same size and shape and I leave one on one shelf and the other on another shelf to distinguish between the two with little effort, especially at 5am. I often skip my vitamins because I am just too tired to think about it or deal with it.

So, as I am rearranging the cabinet, I notice a familiar pill case shoved to the back of the cabinet. I reach up and pull it down thinking it was my vitamin case that must have been shuffled to the back during the week – instead I discover that it was my hormones that had been shoved to the back and my vitamin case sat empty in place where I usually leave my hormones! I was quite relieved!! I had not recognized the difference between my vitamins and my hormones because the week before I had cleaned the entire cabinet and inadvertently rearranged the usual order of things. And, yes, all returned to normal the next week, now that I was actually taking my hormones again!


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