Leap Day: The Gift of Spare Time?

by Dr. Keith Wharton

Leap Day only comes around once every four years and today, is that day – the 366th day in the year 2012. Essentially, it is an extra day to get things done, relieve stress and relax.  Except that it is not a national holiday, so for most it is just business as usual.

You might reconsider your thoughts on Leap day if you knew a “fun fact”: Did you know that salaried employees are technically working for free today? That’s right, when your company outlines the respectable amount of money to pay you each year, it is based upon a 365-day calendar, not 366. The Society of Human Resource Management argues quite the opposite, but the very premise for the day’s existence is rooted in the need for extra time. Leap day was created in 238 B.C. to accommodate the 365.24219878 days it takes for the sun to revolve around the earth. If the sun can get the time to catch up – I do believe modern man deserves a little “spare” time as well.

It’s not a national holiday, but you can make use of the extra hours around your work day becuae after all, they are “extra.” As a doctor, I would recommend focusing on the things that are clogging up your time, stressing you out and damaging your health.

Look at this as a day to get caught up on the menial tasks, whether you are at home or work – there is something that you have been wishing you had the extra time to do. Stress can destroy your health and well-being, not just mentally, but physically too. Over time stress can destroy your immunity, inhibit weight loss and impair your sleep.  Let it go on long enough and it can lead to adrenal fatigue, a complete breakdown of the adrenal system that leads to hormone imbalance and chronic fatigue.

If you are already pas the breaking point, visit a bioidentical hormones expert near you and discover solutions to the stress that maybe strangling your health.


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