Let the Oprah Count Down Commence!

T-30 hours until Oprah’s show Bioidentical Hormones Part 1!

Have you seen the most recent information on Oprah’s site about tomorrow’s episode?  She’s calling it “The Great Debate…the hormone replacement controversy.” 

Oh gag me.  Seriously, what’s to debate?  Bioidenticals vs. synthetics?  To replace hormones or not to?  Here, let me sum it up for you:  bioidenticals are safe and work, synthetics are dangerous and don’t work.  Hormone replacement allows you to enjoy your life and be yourself again, not replacing your hormones creates suffering not just for yourself, but for your family and friends as well.  Period.

But I suppose I have to give her some credit, she has put BodyLogicMD’s link on her site.  I only wish she’d put my boyfriend Dr. Lee up there!  So maybe that’s a good sign, but I still have my doubts. 

Let me urge you to sign up to share your experience with bioidenticals on Oprah’s show.  Yeah, that’s right, she wants to hear from us, and finally we can get some sane voices on there to combat those like Dr. Berman and whichever traditional ‘doctor’ she drags on her show to argue against bioidenticals.  I submitted my story, but let’s overload her!

So I beg you!  Visit this link and be heard!  She also has a forum so people can discuss bioidenticals – get on there and tell them how you feel.  I’m going to do that now…  Let’s make sure that those traditional doctors are the next to be screwed on TV.



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  • Judy… I just got the Oprah e-mail about the show, and it says:

    “If you’re a woman over 35, you may be confused about hormone therapy. What is it? Get both sides of the hormone replacement controversy.”

    Like you said, WHAT BOTH SIDES?

    I’m having such a reaction to this, I can’t believe it. I already have a few issues with Dr. Oz, but if he tells women that hormone replacement is not necessary at all (and I predict he will), I may have to discount every single thing he ever says again!

    I don’t think the debate will be bioidentical vs synthetic. I really think that has been settled. What I think the debate will be about is whether or not we need ANY hormone replacement at all.
    Keeping in mind the millions of women who love Oprah and have little to no money, I’m thinking she wants to put their minds at ease……..
    However, she will STILL be doing a disservice to women everywhere.

    You can bet she will hear from me!

  • Lynn Garza

    I am 50 and my hubby is 58. I started bioidentical hormones three years ago and when my husband noticed the miraculous change in me, he too wanted to feel better. We will NEVER be without our bioidentical hormones for as long as we live!!!!

  • Anne

    I hear you loud and clear Lynn!!! I started on natural hormones about 3 months ago and my husband and I have both been enjoying the benefits 🙂 Check out this great article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090114/hl_nm/us_estrogen_affairs;_ylt=Aj9PbwskyyuW29edFLbYmc7VJRIF

    Have FUN 😉

  • I’ll be 54 this month, and I’ve been on bioidenticals for 3 years. I did not have all the menopause symptoms I hear about. Actually, NOT A ONE.
    However…. I didn’t need Bob Greene to tell me something was “off”.
    I could look into my own eyes and see that “something was off”.
    It was ever so slight, but I think I caught it before I turned into Oprah (lol)
    I am pretty sure that my bioidenticals are the reason why I am still slim, trim,, and in the gym! I do have to watch what I eat, get 9 hours of sleep every night, and exercise 6 days a week. But the difference is that I WANT TO. It’s not a chore, it’s my life. When it started to feel like a chore, THAT’S when I knew something was up.
    I thank God every day for Suzanne Somers, who taught me to say NO to conventional docs, and go find a compounding pharmacy and a doctor with an ACAM certification.
    And I’ll repeat….I feel sorry for Oprah.

  • I am done with menopause and I am so happy the truth is coming out. As said above, bioidentical hormones are made to be exactly like what is found in the body. Dr Ericka Schwartz says, HRT (Premarin) becomes toxic to the DNA in the body, because it is horse urine.
    Everyone should do their own research. Doctors don’t always have the answers. I have so much respect for the doctors such as: Dr Northrup, Dr Shari Lieberman, Dr Ericka Schwartz.

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