Let’s Draw the Battle Lines…What Side are you on Oprah?


I have been watching Oprah all this past week and honestly, I don’t know what to say (imagine that)!

When she started talking about balance in her life or the lack thereof, I was so excited.  I waited for the words “Bioidentical Hormones” to come out of her mouth.  What did it take?  FIVE shows before she uttered the words?

I had a week of such a range of emotions that it was exhausting.   So, I was so hopeful to hear Oprah endorse bioidenticals; we all know if Miss O likes something, the world will follow.  But I don’t know, all she did was mention them, so her opinion on the matter is a big mystery.  This week, Thursday, January 15th  to be exact, her show will be about the bioidentical hormones.  I am not convinced that there will be a positive spin; maybe I’m wrong…I hope I am wrong.  What do you think?

What side do you think she’s on?

(BTW this article is on the same page that I am)







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  • Leah

    I think she’s going to do the “if it’s for you, fine” thing. I don’t think she’s on any kind of hormone replacement. I really wonder what Dr. Oz thinks, don’t you?
    I cannot WAIT for this show. I’m going to make sure someone watches it with me, though….so they can keep me from throwing something at the TV, if the Big O sells us out.

  • Leah,
    I love Dr. Oz and he does state in his book “YOU Staying Young”, that if taken at the begin of menopause hormones have the most benefit. I read that book a long time ago-don’t remember everything- but he also says positive things about bioidenticals. However out of 415 pages, he dedicates only 14 to hormones. But today’s the day…I’m crossing my fingers!

  • C

    Hey ladies,

    I DVR’d Oprah last week so I am in the process of watching the shows. I, too, was optimistic about her take on bio-identicals. I’ve only watched the first show of last week, but let me tell you, I am watching today with avid interest and hope that she endorses BHRT. If she doesn’t, I will be extremely disappointed and saddened for her. I did see a copy of Robin McGraw’s new book at Sam’s the other day. I stood and read her chapter on hormones – I won’t buy the book – I am not a huge fan of hers. Aaaaannnnnyway, looks like she takes bio-identicals. I am very happy about that for her sake. Of course, I read/skimmed the chapter so fast, so correct me if I am wrong, but it really does look like she takes them. I guess it is just frustrating when someone is going through the agonies that menopause can bring on, and they don’t seek out every avenue of help. When I found out about BHRP, I was weeping on the phone with the nurse at my hormone doc’s, saying, “please, is there any help for me??” I was so sleep deprived and so, so depressed that I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on like that. Within a week of estrogen and testosterone pellet therepy and Prometrium, I was sleeping again. It did take awhile for the depression to go away, but at least I was sleeping! And when Oprah talked in that first Best Life week show about how sleep deprived she was, I could totally relate. So let’s hope she is on the right track. I am wondering if Dr. Oz (I love him!!) recommended them a long time ago, but she refused?? We shall see!!!!

  • Judyb – I really love how you and this site are trying to educate women about the best choices. Great information and comments.
    I will be anxious to see what goes on at Oprah too.