Letting Go…Part Two

Did everyone see the Oprah show on sex with Dr. Laura Berman last week? 

Just as I start to let go of anger for traditional doctors – BAM – one is in my living room!

There was this couple Dr. Berman was “helping” (insert sarcasm here) with a 30 something year old woman who didn’t want sex anymore.  The woman tells this doctor (I use the term loosely) she had a hysterectomy “but they left my ovaries in, so I don’t need hormones.” 

IT WAS ME!  Looking at that woman and hearing her story was like looking at a reflection of me years ago;  it was my story!  That damn Dr. Berman NEVER ONCE suggested that she get her hormones tested.  She suggested that the woman tell her husband what she wants or some nonsense like that! 

How can I let go when they keep pulling me back in?  Someone needs to stop this insanity!  How many women (and men) have to suffer before the medical community WAKES UP and treats patients who have a hormonal imbalance with bioidentical hormones?!?  At least test people and give them the option!

…I am so angry, I need to meditate.  I feel bad for that couple, they don’t need to worry about sex, they just got screwed on national T.V.!

Again, watch Oprah on Thursday, January 15th, let’s hope she redeems herself. 

I can’t wait!



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  • Leah

    LMAO @ “they don’t need sex, they just got screwed on national TV.”
    YOU ARE CORRECT! This is sooooooooo sad.
    I try not to get angry, but instead, ask myself, “What did I do in this life to be so lucky as to NOT be in the grips of mainstream medicine? How did I get so LUCKY? Because it had to be luck.”
    I must be special. :o)

  • Leah, I just got it, LMAO, I have been like what the hell does that mean. Very funny. I am lucky too. I wish that luck to all.

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  • Melodye

    One position I will always take is…Why don’t Drs make up a check list of questions to ask patients during their visits…checklist #1 for first visit
    checklist #2 for follow up visits Checklist #3 for emergencys etc…….
    They can easily add to checklist of questions as new ideas emerge. I do it in my business to help me understand what my customer really needs. they don’t have the same background & experience I do in my field of study, so I help by asking questions pertinent to their initial inquiry & go from there. This usually ends up with a totally different outcome than they thought because they didn’t think some things they did changed the outcome…usually wrong, it does make a difference.

  • Mary

    Hello, I am glad to find your blog. It’s nice to know I am not crazy. In 2004 I had my last period at the age of 49. After that I started to loose my libido slowly. My husband and I tried Zestra, which worked for awhile but after about a year or so I found that I could no longer have an orgasm very easily. I wasn’t able to get aroused and it was really frustrating. So…I went to the doctor hoping to get some help. Instead I was told that there was no reason for losing my libido and that everything looked normal. I asked them if there were any supplements, DRUGS, or cream or something. They put me on a low dose of premarin, awful, it gave me horrible headaches. It took away all my hotflashea which was great but the headaches I could not live with.
    So I go back and explain that it was not going to work for me and she gives me a pamphlet for marital counseling and tells me there is nothing else she can do for me.

    I went out to my car and cried. I thought a 49 year old woman should be able to enjoy SEX! What is wrong??

    Well because of Suzanne Sommers I started looking into bio identical hormones and starting using a progesterone cream. Wow, what a difference! I feel better than ever. My sex drives seems to be coming back slowly but my foggy brain, hot flashes, and night sweats are almost nil.

    The only problem is the directions say stop taking them for 7 days out of the month. When I stop even for one dose, I crash and burn. I’m a mess.

    Does anyone know if its ok to continue without taking a break. I don’t really have doctor right now because I have zero health insurance so I am relying on my own research to solve my problem. (which I believe that I am better off)

  • Mary,

    If I were you, I think I would have sent your doctor into counseling herself with my response to her suggestion! I heard a lot of the same things from my doctors.

    I forwarded your question on to a BodyLogicMD bioidentical hormone therapy doctor to get you an accurate answer, this is what he had to say:

    “I am glad you have found relief from your symptoms and are able to enjoy life again. I also applaud your decision to do some research, inform yourself, and take more control of your healthcare. You are presumably using an over-the-counter topical progesterone preparation. These preparations are usually sold as cosmetics. Even though they often contain active hormone, they are unregulated. In my practice using bioidentical hormones I find that my patients only do well after a comprehensive evaluation in the office. This evaluation necessarily includes lab testing. Only after I am familiar with the nuances of the individual can I make recommendations on a treatment plan.

    Dr. Travis Deuson BodyLogicMD Encino, California”

    Not a very easy answer I know, but he’s right that it all depends on the individual. But I think if you are stuck feeling like crap for a week, it doesn’t sound right. I know it can be expensive, but I suggest seeing an expert bioidentical hormone doctor so you can be sure you’re treating yourself right. You’re worth the cost and the benefits far out weigh the costs.

    Anyways, good luck and keep us updated!


  • Debbie Thompson

    While I appreciate the need for well informed medical staff, I am blessed that my family physician recommended bio-identical hormone therapy, even though my OB/GYN put me on Premarin 4 years ago after a hysterectomy. Instead of blaming, we need to continue to advocate for better female health initiatives and give thanks for those who offer support. I am waiting for lab results and my first appointment with my doctor to figure out what will make me feel better. I may end up working with another doctor before I am finished, but not all family doctors ignore their patients needs. My doctor offered me this option on the same day that I went to his office to ask for more estrogen. Do I wish I would have had this 30 years ago? Yes. My life woud be very different now, but I have support now and look forward to having my life back rather than wishing for what was and could not be at that time. Trying to stay positive while I feel exhausted, sad, and useless is difficult, but I am determined. Best wishes to all of you as well.
    Debbie T.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for the comment! It’s great to see that traditional physicians are beginning to take on preventive techniques. I hope that the bioidenticals help you and I wish you the best of luck in your journey through treament. If you ever have any questions regarding bioidentical hormones or symptoms of hormonal imbalance, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be more than happy to help!

      In health,