Look Out Vegas, There’s a New MANIAC Coming to Town!!

Dear friends,


I have been invited to attend the A4M (American Academy on Anti-Aging Medicine) conference in Las Vegas this weekend! Yeah!


A4M is hosting this international event, the 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies, that connects over 3,000 influential physicians, scientists, educators, and other professionals to one another to share the latest anti-aging information and technologies; bioidentical hormone therapy being a big one.  Together, these companies and individuals work to spread the knowledge AGING IS NOT INEVITABLE (this works well for my age denial).  My mission will be to learn all I can about preventative medicine and natural hormone replacement therapy (my new passion) and pass along to all of you my new insights.


It is not my place to tell any women to take bioidentical hormones, this is a personal choice.  I do however feel compelled to tell any women suffering from menopause symptoms that we do have choices available.  I encourage all women to take charge of their health, find a trained BodyLogicMD physician, get the appropriate testing and make an informed decision.  I know that menopause is not classified as a DISEASE, but it sure feels like one.  Any medical condition that can cause so many symptoms warrants some kind of treatment, don’t you think?


That’s all for now, wish me luck in the casino! 


Happy hormones,




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