Lost in the Woods!

Ladies, thanks for all of the comments!  I was able to check my email this morning and I’m loving the participation (plus I love all of the attention)! 

I am vacationing in the back woods of South Carolina this week where there is a lack of cell phone service and internet connections (apparently if I have an emergency, I’m going to have to just yell really loud-with my voice, I think they’ll hear me!).

But I will be back to civilization after January 1st, so expect responses around then.

Happy New Year!



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  • judy Mulheirn

    Hi Judy B,
    I watched the Oprah show and this evening found your blog,. I live in McKinney TX and was looking for a DR. in this area. Do you suggest starting with Dr. Linder or do you have a Dr. closer to Dallas.
    Thanks, Judy M.

  • JudyM,

    Go ahead and contact Dr. Linder (http://www.bodylogicmd.com/dr-susan-linder), I think she can help you. I believe she is the closest BodyLogicMD physician in you area. But Dr. Wade and Rebecca Huey are also in Texas (http://www.bodylogicmd.com/dr-wade-huey). Two great options! Good luck!


  • Lori P.

    I stumbled onto your site when I was searching for a doctor in the Texas, Bryan area. Dr Huey is about an hour away. I am halfway through reading Suzanne Sommers “Breakthrough”. It’s scarey. I’m a young 50, female with young children. I need to live a long time. I am losing my edge and going downhill fast. So, I wanted to be sure I was going to someone who is qualified and not over the top expensive. I am looking for red flags on doctors that I might go to. There are a couple in Bryan but I think they are new to this. One is really a gyn doctor that has started a PA to do this kind of therapy – not experienced it appears. The other person has a hokey website and an answering machine – scarey. I am willing to drive anywhere trustworthy. Also, can you tell me how to get a website like yours? It is wonerful. Thanks and good luck with your surgery and recovery. – Lori P. (PS I lived in the Dallas metro for 20 years).

  • Lori,

    Dr. Huey would be the closest BodyLogicMD doctor and since I know that their practices are trustworthy and that all of their doctors are very well trained and caring, I suggest him. There are some videos of him and his wife (who works with him) on the BodyLogicMD YouTube channel so you can be more comfortable with him: http://www.youtube.com/user/BodyLogicMD

    If you would prefer to not see Dr. Huey, make sure you do your research on these other doctors-this is your health, nothing is more important.

    I use wordpress for my blog. If you want to create your own, visit this site: http://wordpress.com/. Some of the stuff is free and some themes are not, I use the notepad chaos theme. Let me know if you start a blog!

    Stay hopeful and keep in touch,