Love Bugs


It is love bug season in Florida!

Twice a year, Floridians experience an invasion of tiny flies, known as “love bugs.” These tiny red and black bugs get their name from their ability to mate while in flight. Throughout the months of May and September, you will see these small insects “stacked” in tandem everywhere – all over your car, your home, or your barbecue in the park. Though a nuisance, they are harmless, except for the damage often caused by their carcasses to your car’s paint. If you are new to Florida or planning a trip, take note – go through the carwash routinely during the season – these little guys take the paint right off your car!

When my family and I first moved here I thought it was cute to see them literally attached while flying or crawling around, until I realized that the female just basically does what she pleases and the male has no choice but to “hang around” for about 4 days then die.

This made me think about the male-female dynamic of human relationships. Sometimes, I actually feel sorry for men. They remind me of the male love bug. (Please don’t write any “You don’t understand what I have to live with!” emails.) I know there are some really awful guys out there. I’m not talking about them – I am just referring to some of the clichés that typify women in long-term relationships.

As women, we seem to have this need to have everything “just right” before we initiate, or perhaps even desire, sex. I am certain you know what I mean – your man has to have been sweet for the last 48 hours, it has to be the “right” time of the month, you can’t be too tired, too hot, too cold, or hungry.  Sex can’t happen if the house is a mess or the kids have been awful. We have so many requirements to be “in the mood” it is no surprise that our partners look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Believe me, I am not giving them an excuse for being unfaithful! I just think it is high time we take control and do something about whatever is keeping us from enjoying sex and being love bugs! I promise you, when your hormones are in balance, life is a lot more fun and sex is something you look forward to again! I know, I have been there – before and after hormones – and I tell you what, I don’t care what time of the month it is, what the house looks like, or if it’s been a rough day at work, I’m ready. There is nothing better than being “love bugs” to put everything into perspective!

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  • CWS

    I like the image of the lovebugs that you used in your May 2012 pillowtalk. I would like to use it but I don’t know where to source it on the internet. Your reply is requested. Thanks.

    • To be honest, I’m not sure. It was stock photography purchased by our graphics department. You can search the web to find stock photos for sale.