Loving the New Me…

star-clipart-princess-wandIt’s been over two months since my last blog and a lot has happened – mostly good though! I got my test results back from the doctor – who by the way is AWESOME! If anyone is looking for bioidentical hormone doctors in Milwaukee, be sure to look him up, his name is Dr. Kenneth Raskin – he told me that my cortisol levels were through the roof and that my estrogen/progesterone balance was off as well.  He started me on bioidentical hormones and within the first few weeks I noticed a significant difference. I was sleeping better, waking up feeling refreshed, I was more patient with Jess (my daughter), which has really helped minimize tension around the house, and best of all I started to feel like myself again.

I started taking supplements, exercising more often and eating better too.  I’m so glad that I decided to take control of my health. I spend so much time juggling work and taking care of my daughter – with little help from the ex – that I’ve been neglecting my own needs. Now I’m starting to take care numero uno – ME!

Also on a good note, my boyfriend and I resolved our differences and got back together – that’s right, this courgar is back in action! He says he loves the new me and I’m doing my best to be fair and rational. I still get flustered easily, but I’m working on that. Thanks to the hormones, I can now dedicate my attention to other areas of my life, now that I’m not such a menopausal mess all the time.

All in all, treatment is going very well! I’m going to do my best to drop in more often and not be so much of a stranger. Hope everyone is well!

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