Men Are People Too! Dr. Phil Talks Andropause

While Dr. Phil and Robin did such a great job talking about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy on their show yesterday, I forgot to mention the shout out he also gave to men!

Andropause is also known as the male menopause, a change in hormones (in men, mainly testosterone). And you thought your husband or boyfriend was just moody, right? Turns out, it can affect men just as much as women! And, men probably don’t even know anything may be wrong, but can suffer symptoms for years without treatment.

Symptoms can include


*low libido (and you just thought he was tired!)

*hair loss

*weight gain

*muscle loss

Check out BodyLogicMD’s andropause page for more clinical information, and Dr. Phil’s page has some real-life examples of men who took their health into their own hands, and tried BHRT for themselves. You’ll see some amazing transformations! Big claps again to Dr. Phil for giving the menopausal men of the world some attention!


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  • Hello my name is kelly pappas I produce and co-host a weekly radio show with the very doctor ,dr Liebowitz that is the resident”male hormone ” specialist on the dr.Phil show…he also treats many women.. .Suzanne Somers was our guest last monday night you can catch the show it is archived and she was very open and honest, it is called “hormones spoken here” just go to and put in “hormones spoken here ” the show will explore all amatters from the very best… i Dr Liebowitz is from the hall center..he is an amazing doctor, a triathelete and Suzanne features him in her latest book.”breakthrough” repsectfully ladies upon reading some of your posts some of the info on Suzanne is way off..but this whole subject can get mighty confusing..see you on the radio..Kelly Pappas818 762-1711