Menopause and Summertime Gardening

I reckon just about the best thing about summer is the gardening. I’m tending a right pretty vegetable patch in addition to my seasonal flowers and I’m loving the fresh, healthy ingredients in my cooking. There’s nothing quite like a plump, juicy home-grown tomato!

But, I tell you, the summer heat sure doesn’t help a hot flash, and kneeling down in the dirt to weed and tend can leave a menopausal woman right achy! I’ve found that cool compresses on the neck do wonders for the heat, but I’m still looking for the best solution for the aches and pains. A good soothing bath after I’m all done helps, but that still leaves me all achy while I’m in the garden.

But I’m trying some things and I reckon I’ll figure it out!

That’s all for now. Take care, y’all!



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