Menopause in Your 40s: Sleepless Nights


One nasty side effect of perimmenopause is loss of sleep. Approximately 60 percent of women will toss and turn all night long thanks to the declines in progesterone that accompany this stage in life. Progesterone plays a crucial role in the sleep cycle, so without enough you will be anything but a sleeping beauty. To improve your sleep, develop a soothing bedtime routine and stick to it. You should begin preparing yourself or sleep 2 to 3 hours before you actually want to be asleep.

Tips for getting you in the mood for some shut eye

  • Take a warm bath – use lavender bath salts or oils to increase relaxation
  • Sip chamomile tea – chamomile is naturally caffeine-free and contains herbs known to sooth
  • Turn off the lights, TV, computer and cellphone – bright screens and lighting inhibit the production of melatonin, which also plays a role in lulling you to sleep
  • Avoid alcohol, including wine, and tobacco and caffeine close to bed time – alcohol impairs sleep and tobacco and caffeine are stimulants
Check out the article in the September 2012 issue of Family Circle18 Things Every Woman Should Know about Menopause by Jessica Girdwain



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