Menopause Maniac Monica is a Grandma!

Hello everyone!  Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I just became a grandmother a few weeks ago!  I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself “What?  A grandmother?  She is way too young and hot to be a grandmother!”  I agree!  Alas, (good grief, did I just say alas?) it is true and my son and daughter-in-law had a gorgeous baby boy 2 weeks ago.

I flew to Japan a week after his birth and spent a glorious week holding my baby grandson.  Falling deeply in love, I might add!  I am so grateful that they let me hog the baby the entire time.  I didn’t want to put him down!  We danced, we sang, and we had deep introspective conversations.  He’s a great listener!

Meanwhile, in hormone-land, I am feeling pretty good.  I know I was feeling blissful with the birth of the baby, so that could definitely be a factor.  I am home and back to the House of Hormone Hell (remember, I have two teenage girls….Lord help me!)   I will be paying close attention to how I am feeling and assessing if there are any improvements in my moods. 

How are YOU feeling?  Leave a message and let us know!

Hugs from Monica!


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  • Yvette

    You are a beautiful Grandma Monica!! I am so happy for you! 🙂 Luv ya!

  • Diane

    You ARE a hot grandma!!!!

  • Diane has it right! You hottie you! 😉 BOTH of you that is… 🙂

    • I stared out using the Vivelle-dot .05mg patch. I gienad weight in the first month and had to up my dose after a month. I couldn’t sleep and was having crying spells (and I’m not one to cry) and my stomach was in a constant state of bloat and I had acne. I decided after six months on that I was done. I switched to biodentical hormones. I felt good for a few weeks but then had to up my dose again as it did not control night sweats nor hot flashes (where the vivelle-dot did). I dropped a little bit of weight and my acne cleared up but I did not feel well mentally. My dose got up’d again and I gienad weight, still have night sweats and my mood is better but not steady. I have decided enough is enough. I’m going the Effexor route to see if it works for me. I have not lost one pound and I have worked out with a trainer 5 days a week for months and have gone up two sizes. Just for the weight gain alone I’m choosing to go off of them. And if I’m going to continue to have hot flashes and night sweats, what is the point?! Sucks being a woman sometimes.

  • Pudden

    Hi Ms. Monica:

    You look adorable as granny ;-). I became nanapudden the week I turned 40 and I was modeling for the NasCar circuit in string bikinis! I have five grandchildren now and they do love some nanapudden! They think I’m a Queen. It’s simply marvelous! I call them my controllable bonuses in life. We can spoil them, love them, adore them, and send them back so mama & daddy can deal with all the other stuff we’re done with doing 😉

    So, remember, being grandma doesn’t change you for the worst, but HORMONE imbalances will! I’ve been on the BHRT for two months now and FIANLLY I am seeing significant changes. My mood is always GREAT. I have so much energy that my MALE coworkers want some of my testosterone! oh naw! (I was falliing asleep at my desk everyday at around 2pm!) My hot flashes and night sweats are managable. The only thing that has not returned yet is my sex drive…ugh…but my hubby is serving in Iraq. I’ll see him again in May. I am hoping that will return when he does! My sleep is finally more than 5 hours per night. Just this morning, I almost overslept! I don’t have to get up for work until 9am (so I don’t set an alarm) and I woke up at 9:10am! It was great to sleep so good for so long, and you know, thinking I have to set an alarm to get up by 9am is a wonderful thought! I had put on 30+ lbs. and that was my GREATEST concern in all this crap. That has been the one thing to take the longest to change. I workout two to three times per day, five-six days per week. I work in a wellness center so fitness and eating right is at the center of my life. It’s not hard…it’s life. In the past 10 days, I’ve seen a 3 lb drop in my weight and it’s HOLDING! Okay, 3 lbs…you say…so what! Well, I am 5 ft 2: Three Pounds is a BIG BIG deal for me! I have my fingers crossed and I’m hoping I will continue to see that progress. I finally have it UNDER 140 now I’m working towards that 130, then 120– that I want SSSOOOOO desperately….(I was between 110-115–so I’m giving here a bit… 😉 )

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading about your adventures 🙂

    pudden 😉

  • Monica

    Hi Pudden!

    Wow! You ARE a hot grandma! 🙂 I am so happy to hear that the BHRT is working for you! Very inspiring! The weight gain is so frustrating, isn’t it? I used to be a fitness instructor and in such great shape! Ah well! Dr. Thomas told me to concentrate on balancing the hormones and then we would focus on the weight gain. I hope that with the balancing, it will make the “diets” more responsive.

    Back to work for me, but thank you so much for posting! It’s always great to have conversation with other hot mamas! 🙂


  • Lia

    no way that looks like your child – this is why i say no to Young/Teen pregnancies!