Menopause Maniacs Unite!

menopause maniacs unite!

The stars were aligned.  The wine uncorked.  Maniacs Unite!  We kinda sound like super heroes!  Well, the hot (literally!) menopausal super heroes!  We will fight crime…..after a few drinks!


It was great meeting Diane!  It was fun talking about our menopausal stories and comparing hormones.  She is a little further along in her bioidentical hormone therapy, and I loved getting to talk about her progress.  Diane and I live on opposite coasts, so it really was amazing we were able to meet!

The most important thing I learned is how important our girlfriends are.  As much as Mr. Maniac loves me, I am certain he walks around a little befuddled by my swingin’ hormones.  My girlfriends understand.  They GET it!  Walking my bioidentical hormone therapy path has introduced me to some amazing women!  It’s nice to know I am not alone.  Keep talking, ladies.  We NEED each other!  Tonight, I will raise my glass of wine and toast to all you Maniacs!    Keep up the good fight!  You are not alone.




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  • Diane

    Monica, it was so wonderful to meet you – you are just as much fun in person as you are in your blogs! I hope you can get out to the left coast sometime soon so that we can do it again 🙂