Menopause Maniacs, You’re Not Alone!

Good morning, Menopause Maniacs!

As I’ve become more familiar with menopause and what it can do to a woman, and as my own symptoms have eased up, allowing me to see clearly, I’ve begun to notice many of these symptoms in others. I actually find it to be quite entertaining, and I’ve found that I’ve begun to make something of a game of it. You might think of it as “Spot the Menopause.”

The signs of a hot flash are very tale-tell, and perhaps just a bit too easy. The challenge comes more with the less obvious symptoms. True, a woman who appears asleep-on-her-feet may have just had a bad night, but when she’s in the right age-range, it could also have been menopause-related night sweats and insomnia. When that same woman asks the same question several times in just a few minutes, then positively erupts at the poor person she’s speaking to, the likelihood of menopause skyrockets!

It gets even more amusing when I begin to notice “menopause” symptoms in men. Oh, I know it’s not menopause in these cases – but perhaps it’s andropause? Or, it could just be sheer coincidence. I don’t know, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to speculate.

Of course, the entire game serves a greater purpose, for me, than just simple amusement. I felt so terrible during the worst of my own menopause, and I still have bad days, now and then. It really helps to look at other people, and see that they’re experiencing much the same. Oh, I wouldn’t wish the Witch on anyone – don’t get me wrong! – but it is nice to realize that I’m not alone.

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  • Patricia

    i hear ya!! guess it’s the same with everywoman.