Menopause Supplements

I’ve seen lots in the news about what vitamins or herbs or other supplements are good for menopausal women. I’ve been hearing all kinds of things about black cohosh, magnesium and so many others that it’s right hard to wrap my head around it all. So, I talked to my doctor about it.

So, what does my doctor recommend the most? Fish oil and vitamin D! I hadn’t heard a whole lot about these for menopausal women in particular, but it seems like they’re a mighty prime choice. I’m taking some, now, myself, and we’ll see how much of a difference they seem to make.

That’s all for now. Take care, y’all!




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  • Regina Love

    With all due respect to doctors, most of them are never formally education in nutrition. Recommending Omega 3 fish oil and Vitamin D is great advice for EVERYONE. Vitamin D is the king of all vitamins. And Omega 3s fight cardiovascular disease and offer all kinds of overall wellness benefits (eye health, skin etc.). I had all the classic menopause symptoms–hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia… AAAAARGH. 🙂 But a friend recommended this 100% natural, all herbal supplement that balanced my hormone levels with “plant estrogens.” They’re not really estrogen, but the body THINKS they are–black cohosh, red clover and hops. No side effects or anything. It’s called FEMIVITAL and it’s formulated by actual medical doctors. Just Google the name FEMIVITAL and I’m sure you can find more detailed info on it.