Menopause Takes On Earth Day

Earth Day, Smerth Day – what does any of this treehugging have to do with me? And why is it an entire month now? Don’t people want to do anything else besides drink filtered water and save all the polar bears?

Just kidding (well, kind of). But I did find this article from BodyLogicMD that discusses the importance of eating healthy and taking care of your body more naturally, to help both you and the planet. Hey, this is Earth Day after all! If Mother Earth can take care of us, shouldn’t we do the same back?

Top 10 Ways To Manage Stress Naturally Through Diet and Hormones” (reprinted with permission from BodyLogicMD, thanks!)

  1. Eat a diet that includes plenty of protein with regular meals of high nutritional value
  2. Limit or avoid the intake of hydrogenated fats, excess caffeine, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and sugar
  3. Supplement with a good multivitamin, B-complex vitamin, vitamin C, magnesium, adaptogenic herbs, and DHEA supplements (ask your doc what supplements are best for you first!)
  4. Support local organic farmers and sustainable farming by purchasing pesticide-free products such as produce, cheese and even meat and eggs
  5. Avoid genetically engineered foods, preservatives, dyes, as well as synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and drugs in animal products
  6. Take time to evaluate daily and situational stressors and practice stress management
  7. Get plenty of sleep so the adrenals can repair overnight
  8. Add gentle exercise, such as meditation or yoga
  9. Undergo diagnostic adrenal testing, including comprehensive saliva tests to determine cortisol levels and amounts produced to determine your body’s reaction to adrenal stress
  10. Add bioidentical hormone therapy when necessary to help sustain adrenal function

This may seem overwhelming, but if you think about it, these steps seem logical to gaining optimal health. And let’s think in baby steps, ok? You don’t have to do ALL of these steps right away – try one a month, or more frequently if you think you can handle it. I’m sure you’ll see results faster than you can say, “Save the Planet”!


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  • I love the combination of 4 and 10. Should we make sure the wild yam or soy used to produce the bioidenticals comes from local organic farmers?

    Plus where is the number #1 thing we can do? Strength straining! Build muscle, build bones, reduce fat, reduce weight.