Menopause Watchers

Good Morning, Menopause Maniacs!

Last weekend, I had a lovely day out with my granddaughters. I took them shopping for clothes and we went to see a movie (Hop – it was quite nice, and the girls loved it!). While we were out, I found myself empathizing with many of the women we met in passing — menopause maniacs were out in numbers!

In the mall, we passed a woman who had taken a seat and was fanning herself wildly, despite the perfectly functional AC. At the cinema concession stand, we waited behind a woman who was having an anger-break-down about the price of soda. At a small ice-cream shop after the movie, we overheard two women comparing strategies for handling menopause symptoms.

It was that last encounter that truly made me smile. It wasn’t long ago that women would almost never talk about menopause in public. Times are changing, and it’s a very good change.

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