Mom’s Day Rant – Caring For Ourselves

Who are you? Of course, you know who you are. You’re a daughter. A wife. A coworker. A mom. You like to cook. Help with homework. Carpool endlessly. Watch soccer/basketball/baseball games. You make sure everyone gets to the dentist every six months, or the doctor at the first sign of a bad cold. You take care of a lot of people, and you do a great job.

So, what about you? Is your breakfast healthy, or do you grab a doughnut with coffee for the ride to school or work? Do you rest enough, or stay up late to make sure laundry is finished? When you get sick, how long do you wait until you see a doctor? In a nutshell, are you taking care of yourself?

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend! A time to celebrate our moms, aunts, grandmas, anyone who has this amazing title. We love our mamas! Unfortunately, many women put themselves last on their “take care” list. Children, spouse, career, and other obligations often take precedence to women’s own health. Think about how many hours a day you do things for your family. Do you give yourself the same respect? The irony is if you don’t take control of your own health, you may suffer the most.

Women of any age need to be educated about their health and wellness. If you’re at the end of your priority list, a vicious health cycle can occur. As women age, hormones begin to decline, leaving the body to experience flux that can affect sex drive, sleep, energy and more. Women experiencing menopause or perimenopause especially feel that they have little control over their bodies. Many women are not aware that even slight hormonal imbalances can send their bodies into decline.

Believe me, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can be part of a healthy lifestyle solution to help get your body on track, no matter what age. By combining healthy eating choices, better sleep habits, a fitness program and bioidentical hormone therapy, you CAN regain control over your body, LOOK and FEEL younger, and become more productive.

Let’s celebrate our moms AND ourselves, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day!



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  • Brenda

    I am trying to make up my mind about bio-identical hormones & your blog has been a excellent site to search. I live in Plano & noticed that you are going to a doctor in Fort Worth…has it helped & is it worth the drive?