Mood Swings, Too?

star-clipart-princess-wandSeriously, insomnia was enough of an implication; did I also need to go through a personality malfunction? It’s not really all that surprising that my love life has come to a screeching halt, and that my friends are barely available to me. My friends are much younger than I am so naturally they can’t possibly understand what I am going through. I have become a complete and utter nag who no one wants to be around for very long periods of time. In fact, I have heard my daughters friends discuss how crazy her mom is and how they dislike very much to come over to our house. This is very heart breaking especially when my daughter agrees.

I get very sad when I hear this talk behind my back as though I have no feelings and I am just an outcast ogre who no humans want to be around. It is hard because I can’t even tell when I am acting like myself or when my hormones are getting the best of me. At first I thought it was mainly by daughter being a teenager but recently I have noticed that it’s not just her who thinks this way.

My boyfriend and I recently broke up; he is 8 years younger than me which doesn’t help my cause. I never considered myself a cougar he was actually introduced to me by a friend and I had no idea how old he was until we were dating. Either way, we had been together for three years and recently I think he was incapable of putting up with me.  He explained to me that I was no longer the person he had met and fallen in love with and that I had become someone he did not recognize. He wasn’t actually breaking up with me instead he was encouraging us to go get help as he wanted to continue to be a part of our lives. Not only did he love me but he loved my daughter as his own and we were planning on buying a house together in the near future. He asked if there was anything he could do to make this transition in my life easier or if I wanted to go talk to a professional but I immediately began one of my upheavals. I told my then boyfriend to get out and never come back, that he was a jerk and basically blamed everything on him.

So now I am feeling all alone; I have no boyfriend, my friends are avoiding me at all costs, and my daughter is abstaining from bringing her friends over and instead opting to go to her friends’ houses. So what now? Am I slowly drifting into depression? Yet another symptom linked to menopause?

Has anyone experienced both anxiety and depression at the same time?


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  • shirley papio

    hello. i happenned to drop by your website. nice view & interesting content. im really searching about menopausal symptoms. something is also happening inside of me of which i cant really figured out why. im a Filipina, 46 yrs old, had my ovaries remove in 2007 due to my myoma. no more menstruation since then.

    mine is depression (minor) the moods i can still control & which i believed could be controlled. i also have cold & hot flushes

    thank you for your stories.
    it makes me thing im not alone in this struggle.

  • debbie

    I have also had depression and anxioty. Besides that the moodswings sometimes make me crazy. I started taking ginco 120 you can get it at sams for 13 dollars it will last almost the year. It helps with depression alot im takeing low dose estragen but its not helping everything so i need to try something different.