Mood Swings

If there is only one thing in my body that gets balanced with natural hormone therapy, PLEASE let it be my moods!  Yesterday I was a total brat!  (I wanted to use another b-word, but certainly it will be censored!)  In my defense, I wasn’t walking around a raving lunatic, but I felt like a volcano about to erupt.  I was wound up so tight and ready to explode at any minute.  I actually caught myself hissing like a rabid cat!  What the heck is wrong with me?

My poor kids and husband had cranky mom and wife last night.  The way my husband was stirring the food was irritating me, the way my daughters were nit-picking at each other irritated me, the way the wind was blowing irritated me, the cat irritated me… the list goes on.  My mood darkened the entire household.  Mr. Maniac was quiet, the girls were pensive, and the cat, (who is a typical cat) didn’t care.  Ah, the guilt.  I KNEW I was cranky.  I KNEW I was acting bratty.  I couldn’t stop it though.  There was a part of me screaming for it to stop.  It was like a dark cloak of gloom that I couldn’t shake off. 

I hate starting my day with apologies.

I will talk to the girls and say I am sorry.  I will talk to Mr. Maniac and thank him (again!) for putting up with me.  I will snuggle with the cat and put up with her claws digging into my legs.  Today is a new day and one step closer to hormone balance! 



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  • Yvette

    I have mood swings too sweetie! Just be thankful our wonderful husbands and children love us 🙂 Although, I have been in bed after a bad day and looked at Dan and said… “You know honey, I wouldn’t put up with someone like me. If you just go and OFF ME in the night, I completely understand” HA HA ! Then of cousrse I say ” I love you and please… Make it fast and painless!”

  • Monica

    Thank goodness they love me because sometimes I am a real tool! Haha! Hopefully the good days outweigh the bad and that keeps them around. 🙂