My first follow-up appointment is next week!

My first follow up appointment is next week. My saliva is being retested due to my hot flashes, which are still hitting me every couple of hours, despite my medication being tweaked. Another thing I am noticing is facial hair….I’ve never had that issue before starting hormone therapy but in all fairness my doctor said that was a possibility and if it happened he would tweak my progesterone. The positive side of the hair growth is that even though it is increasing on my face it has stopped falling out of my head….oh the joy of being a woman J

I have a new spit kit waiting for me at home. I also need to go back to the labs for more blood work before my appointment. I may have to reschedule due to timing as I have been on the road for a week so not sure they will get the results back in time. I will call as soon as I send it off to see if I need to.

I looked it up on my calendar today…my first appointment with Dr. Grossman was May 5, 2009. I started taking the hormones approximately 1 week later, so let’s say May 11th. So, I have been on the program about 3 months. In that time I have seen improvement in my skin, my hair and my attitude. I’m also at the tail end of a week long project working 12 hour days, and I have enough energy at night to go out to dinner with a group co-workers and still be charming J I am experiencing a couple of side effects that I hope my BodyLogicMD can address once I have my follow up tests but overall I am happy with my program and I feel significantly better than I did 3 months ago. I am looking forward to what Dr. Grossman has to say next week. I’ll see if he will let me introduce him on video  and I will keep you posted!


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  • Monica

    What day is your appointment Diane? I am anxious to hear how it goes! Thinking about you!

    Monica 🙂

  • Diane

    It was supposed to be Aug. 18th but I didn’t get my spit kit in time (I was traveling). It has now been pushed back to the last week of August. I will keep you posted!