My Valentine’s Day

It looks like everyone’s talking about Valentine’s Day this week. I figured I may as well share my Cupid’s-Day story, too.

PatientHubby is quite a bit younger than me. I’ve mentioned that before. Sometimes, I have a little bit of trouble keeping up with him, but, well, PatientHubby is patient. He’s great at just taking things a little bit slower so I can catch up.

And sometimes, he does things just perfectly.

Monday was one of those times. By the time I got off work, he’d dropped the kids off at his mother’s, so we could have the night to ourselves. It was a surprise to me – he’d just told me before that he was going to take me out to eat, and would I be okay with just that? And, yeah, I would be . . . but the night we had was so much nicer than just a dinner out.

It started with roses. He gave me a beautiful bouquet of 13 roses – because, he said “12 isn’t good enough” for me. Now, yes, he’d used my Grandmother’s vase, which I wasn’t so happy about. That vase isn’t really supposed to be used for anything, because it’s an heirloom, but when I got a bit snippy about it, he moved the flowers to a different vase. Without being defensive, if you can imagine that. J

And then, instead of going out for dinner, he actually cooked! It wasn’t perfect, but I figure that the effort he put into it makes up for that. We actually ate by candle light, like in a movie. And there was music, too. It was just simple classical stuff – PatientHubby studied classical music in school, and has a soft spot for it. And it’s pretty and romantic enough.

And after that, well . . . you know.

I was pretty irritable at the start of our “date” – it had been a difficult day at work, and since menopause started it’s pretty hard for me to just let that kind of stuff go – but he played his part so well that I was completely relaxed before dinner was over.

All in all, I’ve got it pretty good.

Love and Balance 🙂



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