Need a Break? Rent a Hubby and take a Cruise to Nowhere

In my line of work, life is truly full of the unexpected. I recently received a call from one of my agents, asking me if I could head over that very evening with my husband, to audition for a casting for a cruise line commercial. I was ecstatic! If cast, my husband and I would enjoy a 7-day cruise with stops in Haiti, St. Croix, St. Marten and more!

I asked the agent if I could call my husband and call her right back, she said she needed an answer right away.  I told her to count me in and I would call my husband as soon as we hung up. She told me, “Don’t worry, if he can’t do it, I’ll find you a husband.”  I laughed at the notion of a temporary hubby. I promptly called my husband, but since he is a professor, getting a hold of him during a class is very difficult. When he finally called me back, he said he could do it. I called back the agent and left her a message.

In the meantime, I took my husband through the “drill” of preparing for a sun-soaked vacation-style shoot.  We rushed over to the spray tanning salon and let me tell you – that is an experience you must learn to get used to. You strip to virtually nothing and a salon professional sprays you with the appropriate shade for your skin tone, while at the same time creating a lean sculpted effect. Stripping down to your skivvies for a complete stranger can be really tough, but my husband braved the process in the name of a 7-day cruise.

He went back to class and I headed to the casting call, he promised to meet me there. The agent called me back to let me know she had found me a husband.  She told me that I could audition again with my real husband when he was free, but for now, I had been cast with a temporary hubby. It was an interesting experience to say the least. We changed into swimsuits and boarded a docked cruise ship, pretending to be intimately in love and enjoying a fabulous vacation. I had fun and although my “rented hubby” was cute and very sweet, he was no comparison to my real one.

And lucky for my real husband, his experience with spray tanning was not in vain.  He joined me for the second audition that evening – I’m hoping the chemistry and appearances with him were just what they were looking for – St. Croix, here we come!! (I’ll let you know if I got the audition!)


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