New Maniac on the Street!

Let me introduce myself!  My name is Monica and I am excited to be sharing my BodyLogicMD journey with you!  I am in the beginning stages and plan to take you along for the ride.  This should be fun!

A little bit about me:  I am 40 years old, married to a saint (for at least part of the month!), and have four children.   I am very optimistic and tend to find the funny in everything.  I love to read, beat my kids at board games, go camping and lounge the beach.  Oh, I can’t leave off food!  Ah such a love affair!  I love to eat and have been caught moaning in restaurants.  This is usually followed by a swift kick under the table “Hon!  You’re moaning again!”  Nothing is better than sitting at a restaurant table, (hopefully) a hot waiter at your beck and call, someone else cooking for you, someone (hot waiter!) serving you, someone (hot bus boy) cleaning up after you….get the picture?  Who needs sex? 

My family is very important to me and I adore them for putting up with me!  This brings me to my journey…  It started about 5 years ago.  After having some hormone testing done, it was decided I was infertile and in perimenopause.  I suffered with extremely debilitating periods, mood swings, insomnia and weight gain.  Sound familiar anyone?  Heck, I was even annoying myself!  Fast forward to today.  I did a lot of reading and decided that I didn’t want a band-aid for my symptoms.  I wanted to fix the problem.  BodyLogicMD to the rescue!  My goal is to be one of those girls who say “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

So begins the journey!  I signed up yesterday, watched a video on how to do a saliva test (no spitting doctors, what a disappointment!), and have some paperwork to fill out.  I am excited, nervous, and optimistic (surprise!).  This forum is a great place for us to come together and share our journeys together.  Feel free to leave comments!  Let’s get this party started!


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  • Hi Monica, glad to find your site through Twitterscan! I have a blog dedicated to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at I have been on BHRT for three years and it has saved my life! Best wishes for hormonal health!

  • Monica

    Hi Andrea,

    Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. I have been a busy girl this summer. I am so happy that you are having results with your hormone therapy. I hope to be getting those same results soon!

    Monica 🙂