New Year’s Panic!

It’s New Years Eve! Can you believe that another year is already over? I know, right? I can’t either! :O

So, what does that mean for me? I was going to just stay home. I told my friends that I needed to take care of my sugar-cake anyway, and didn’t have a sitter. So what did they do about that? They got her invited to a slumber party with some of her little friends. Which, of course, she was all bounces and begs to go. Which leaves me without an excuse.

So I bet some of you are thinking, well, what’s the problem, Jessie? Go out and have fun! J  Trust me, I’d love to. But none of my friends are riding the peri-go-round, so they don’t really get what I’m going through. The hot flashes are bad enough at work or out and about casually, but they can TOTALLY ruin a party night! I mean, what’s the point of getting all dolled up if my makeup’s going to be sweated off in an hour or two? 🙁

Maybe I’m just stressing out over it too much. But it’s got me all paranoid, and how am I supposed to have fun like this? I’m totally flipping out about my appearance, even just in general. What if I meet some hunky young stud, and he’s completely put off by the flushing and sweating and running makeup? I mean, who wouldn’t be, right? 🙁

Angie says I should just pack a little fan and some back-up makeup and make the best of it. I know she means well, and all that, but it’s just not that easy! Still, I guess I’ve gotta try, right? I can’t let the menopause take control of my life, even if it does seem SOOOO much stronger than me!

Wish me luck, ladies!

Jessica Out


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