Nutrition Follow-Up: I’m not Starving!

Hi BIHS’s! (bioidentical hormone sisters)


When I first went to see Dr. Lee to start bioidentical hormone therapy, and he uttered the words “you’ll need to change your eating habits,” I felt the word ‘diet’ coming like the Jaws theme song.  Seriously, I felt like he was going to try to rip away from me (not with any ease I might add) one of the only things Menopause couldn’t take away from me- sweet, delicious food.  If feeling better meant celery juice, wheat grass, and another failed diet, I was going to hang a ‘Welcome Home!’ sign for my menopause symptoms and my ass would be on its merry way.


But thankfully (for his safety) that ‘diet’ word never came.  Instead Dr. Lee said that it would be a lifestyle change.  He said that I would still be able to eat a lot of the same foods I eat now, with the exception of “anything in a bag or a can.”  And since chocolate wasn’t one of those, it was a parting that I could live with.


Still, my menopausal stubbornness wasn’t sure it was willing to part with comfort food just to lose a few pounds.  That’s when Dr. Lee said it wasn’t about losing weight (though it is one hell of an added benefit, 15 pounds and counting!), but instead it was about maintaining a hormonal balance and finally having relief from the menopausal hell I’d been living in.


The deal is this, it’s really important to keep sugars out of your system because it can make your old symptoms come back… as Dr. Lee likes to say, “there is a connection between mood and food.”   So, I needed a lifestyle change for this natural hormone therapy to work; a much better motivator than weight loss.


And, unlike some doctors I could name *ahem*, Dr. Lee didn’t just hand me a paper of demands for me to figure out by myself.  He worked with me, describing a BodyLogicMD nutrition plan, customized just for me (exactly how I like things), with the main purpose of avoiding foods that cause inflammation and other interactions in my system. 


I will say that it was a definite change from how I was eating before, but I always feel satisfied and full. I get to eat frequently because it’s important to avoid blood sugar spikes (ha! now I have an excuse!), and I am never STARVING like I used to be whenever I would go on some random diet. I’m losing weight and feeling better, I can definitely stick with this.


On that note, I think it’s time for some chocolate, doctor’s orders!







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