Can you believe it girls?!?  She’s coming through for us!  This is HUGE!  Finally women suffering like we have suffered have the information they need to get relief:  bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

I’m on top of the world right now…this is exactly what bioidenticals needed…exactly what all women go through this needed.

Thank you Oprah, thank you Robin McGraw and thank you Dr. Christiane Northrup!

More Soon,



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  • C

    Thank heavens for today’s show. BTW, I purchased Dr. Northrup’s book (the updated edition) this past summer and it has a lot of valuable info in there. I am so glad Oprah said there will be more to come on this subject, hopefully in the way of shows focusing on BHRT. Wasn’t that wonderful that the one woman got relief fairly quickly (one week????) from her hot flashes? I also like that Oprah said she hasn’t had the first hot flash (my scenario) but she has suffered the sleep issue plus other probs. By her saying that, women can see that meno is not always hot flashes. I thought for sure my problems were more depression issues b/c there were no hot flashes. How could I be going thru meno without them??? Ha! Insomnia is one of the top symptoms/signs. Who knew??? Judy, I hope you continue to feel better and better. Thanks again for this avenue to chat, vent, exchange info, etc.

  • Lisa

    I DVR’d the show so haven’t seen it yet, but I am/was SO hoping that the symptoms discussed weren’t all “hot flashes” and “night sweats”. I want someone to recognize insomnia, dry skin, uber sensitive to touch, depression, weight gain, belly fat, swollen breasts, zero libido, memory loss, brain fog, inability to find the right words…etc, etc.

    Please let there be some way for every woman to get the help she needs during this oh-so-confusing time of life!

  • I watched the whole show while on the treadmill at the gym.
    (I don’t normally stay on for an hour, but I was GLUED to that TV! lol)
    I have never been so glas to be so wrong. I predicted Oprah would let us down.
    Now….that said……I was thrilled that she was bringing bioidentical hormones to light, but I hated that she felt the need to show that clip of the a-hole (male) doctor who said “they’re no different from synthetic” and “there are no studies” on them, they’re “not safe”. Ughhh.
    But then she had on Prudence Hall, who is Suzanne Somers GYN.
    I kept thinking “where is Suzanne?”

    I’ll admit, I was mildly annoyed that Oprah called Dr.Northrup’s book “the Bible”, when we ALL know the “Bible” is called AGELESS and it’s author is Suzanne Somers.
    But, just when I was giving up on the Big O, she said THE words I never thought I’d hear her say….. Suzanne is coming! Jan.29th.
    OMG! So, that’s why Suzanne wasn’t there today; she’s getting a WHOLE SHOW.
    And for those of you who don’t know… Jan. 29 is also Oprah’s 55th birthday. To, me, there is a significance that Suzanne will be on the show that day. I have a good feeling about this…..

  • Bonnie

    I had a complete hysterectomy in March of 2002 at the age of 39. I had suffered with endometriosis and was told by my gynecologist that I had only 2 options, a complete hysterectomy or I could take 6 months worth of lupron shots, which would “stall” the need for a hysterctomy for a year or two. I was done having children, so I opted for a hysterectomy. Since that time, I have been on hrt, estrogen and testosterone. It has been 7 years of ups and downs and LOTS of hot flashes. Every year when I go to my obgyn she tells me “it is what it is…eat more soy…” I am currently taking Estratest every day and have hot flashes atleast every hour, sometimes more than once an hour. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in months, maybe even years. I had another doctor suggest that I take an antidepressent, Effexor XR to be exact. I did a little research on it and found horror stories of people trying to come off of it, so I’ve decided that is not an option for me either. I saw Oprah’s show yesterday and it gave me hope. I’ve been going to the same obgyn for about 22 years and she wants me off of hormones, but there is no way with the hot flashes, loss of sexual desire, weight gain, mood swings, loss of sleep, etc. I need help …. do you think bio identical hormone replacement can help me? How long can you stay on them? My ob wants me off hrt..says its not good to stay on it too long…? help.

  • C

    Oh, Bonnie, I think you owe it to yourself to try BHRT. I have heard “horror” stories like yours and then followed by huge success stories just days (like me), weeks, months, of feeling better. My biggest signs/symptoms of meno were depression, anxiety, and worst of all, insomnia. I thought I was going crazy. Just days after BHRT pellets (put under the skin – but you don’t have to use that delivery system – my NP (she saved my life – I love you Kristi!) told me and my husband we had to get hormones in me NOW. We didn’t have time to wait) I SLEPT AT NIGHT. Just days after treatment began. Not sure where you live, but I am positive you will find a doc who does BHRT closeby. My doc has pts that drive a couple of hours for an appt. I will tell you it is worth it. Please keep us posted and good luck and God bless!

  • Tracyann

    Oprah’s Show// BodyLogic// To All Experts, and Upcoming Suzanne Somers Show!! A BIG H U G E ~***WOO- HOO~*!!!!!

    We’ve Come Out of The Dark Ages! I’ve studied read the BHRT alot since oh maybe last year or so..and when my Best GF called me Yesterday morning and said “Turn-on The Oprah Show” I was
    so thankfully “elated” to see the Topic and true Grit of the Show.

    My feeling is not only do We all Need to take charge and care of Ourselves in this Fashion of Identifying the Real Needs “Inside” of us. But also the “Crazy” Mis-use and Prescribed Meds. that sometimes really only make us sick and aren’t “vetted” on the Market , nor I fear in a “real-time” introduction necessary to cover it’s possible dominant side effects/ and major mal-functions down the road.
    Well, before I get off course on the main topic here.. again let me say a Bif THANK-YOU to have Oprah and her never-ending awesome research! I gotta give myself a small Kudos here to because I Picked The same place as Oprah did last year in my Long Search for some BHRT information and “discovered” BodyLogic and had saved it in my file!
    Although, I haven’t started my Own Personal BHRT yet, I Plan to.
    Something was missing , now I Know It won’t be. My Warm Heartfelt Apprecaition goes to all involved and to all the Wonderful Women here like myself, looking for a Better and Much Healthier Life/Lifestyle!
    With Much Admiration,
    Tracyann C. Richmond, VA

  • Bonnie,
    Oh boy, you and I could be twins! I knew there were a lot of us out there, anyway my advice to you is run baby run. As fast as you can to a qualified M.D. that can order the comprehensive testing and the hormones that you actually need. I can tell you that I take a tiny dose of estrogen every other day and a small does of progesterone 6x a week. Keep in mind that is what MY body needs, hence the TESTING. Please do it, I don’t know you, but I know you deserve it. We all do.
    Keep us posted

  • Well said Tracy, it’s what I have been saying, if it’s missing
    replace it. If you have to much back off. But without the testing, and I know I say it over and over and over, how do we know what we need. We all know now that the testing exists, remember mine I put it out there for all to see. Print that page, wherever you end up for treatment, make sure they test EVERYTHING. And you’re right, we are all wonderful women just wanting to have the energy and balance we deserve.

  • Laura

    My hormones have been screwed up for years. None of my doctors have ever suggested bio-identical hormones. I wonder why? How do I know what kind of doctor to go to? I have so many of the symptoms and have since I was in my 30’s. I am 43 now and it just gets worse. Can one of you wixe women please give me some advice?

    Thanking you ahead of time,

  • Laura,
    Log on to the BodyLogicMD website, take the quiz and go from there. There is help for all of us out there.
    Good Luck

  • hey..kelly here and sorry Leah,prudence hall is not suzanne somers doc,it is that genius Dr.Michael Galitzer in west los angeles.I did a small documentary with him please keep facts straight,,Prudance Hall is magnificent though,,,Hey is everybody able to afford this?what if you cant I have women writing and calling asking what can they do? any suggestions??help …bless you all

  • hi,i was glued to the show on Bio identical hormones,over here in Adelaide, ausralia,i had never heard of them,no Doctor has ever mentioned them too me, i have gone thru hell with all the menapause symptoms,tried synthetic hormones and got shocking side effects,i have found a Dr that specializes in the Bio I Hormones,i have to wait 2 months to get in to see her i hope it’s worth the wait,i’m now 59 and still getting hot flushes,no sleep,foggy brain,and zilch zero sex drive,i, i’v had 9 years of this, pure misery,what a grat show that was,and i saw Suzanne Sommers,that’s what has inspired me,there really is help out there.

  • Allegra McCullough

    I have had the BHRT Sottopelle administered for a little over a year. I had to go to Dover,DE to get this. I always say that this doctor and Sottopelle saved my life. I had a complete hysterectomy in the early 90s. Had standard small doses of estrogen(could not receive normal dosage in that endometrioses was still present)off and on since that time. Sometimes I did not sleep a full night for weeks; the hotflashes were maddening, sex life was in the pits, and my disposition was horrible. My regular GYN told me to suck it up and accept the condition. I was miserable and felt that my life was over. Within 48 hours of receiving the pellet-type therapy, hot flashes disapeared and I began sleeping well for the first time in over 14 years. I now have the therapy 3x per year and will soon have it 2x per year. Get your life back, ladies!