One more day…

Tomorrow is the big day!  I am through with my testing, and anxiously awaiting my results.  I feel like I am going on my first date!  I will be seeing Dr. Thomas in Potomac Falls, VA.  When I think about this doctor’s appointment I have butterflies.  I hope he’s nice.  I hope he’s kind.  I hope he has a great plan!

My REAL first date wasn’t all that great.  My boyfriend and his DAD (!) took me to a World Wrestling Federation wrestling match.  So romantic!  I can brag that I saw Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan in their heyday.  Yeah, don’t be jealous!

In 20 hours from this writing, I will be on my BodyLogicMD first date!  I will document my visit to share with you all.  You will all be on my date with me!  Lucky you!   I promise no wrestling.


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  • Diane

    Can’t wait to hear about your appointment!