One of Those Mornings


Anonymous, guest blogger

Ever have one of those mornings? I did.

Last week I was on a business trip and as with most business trip, wireless coverage is essential to getting all your work done. I was staying at a lovely, high-class hotel in a room overlooking the amazing resort-style pool.

In my room and throughout the hotel actually, I found it difficult to get reception on my cell phone and laptop.  I did, however, find a convenient corner on the far side of my balcony where if I didn’t move too much – I could effectively work with a signal.

One particular morning, I could not sleep, so I got up and decided to get a jumpstart on my work as the rest of the hotel slowly crept to life. I opened the door to my balcony in nothing more than a nightshirt and panties and sat in the corner of my balcony and began working.  Before I knew it, the hotel was buzzing with life and I realized I needed to stop working and hop in the shower to head down to the convention.

I sauntered down the wall of the hotel toward the sliding glass door that I left open. As I approached the door, I realized it was slid shut and I began to question my sanity. I pulled on the handle and nearly ripped my arm off as the door did not budge. My heart sank into my stomach and I began to tug and tug upon the door to no avail.

Panic set in. People were heading to the pool and here I was, running late, in my underwear on the balcony of my hotel locked out of my room.  Who could I call?  If called my co-workers, how would they rescue me? Could I crawl over the side… would I want to… in my underwear? My brain began to process these options and attempt to determine the lesser of all evils.

As my mind whirred, I was redeemed as the cleaning lady slid the door open, giggling at my despair, or perhaps my appearance – a panicked woman, in her underwear, on the balcony.


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