One Tip to Stay Forever Young: Care for Your Smile


Recently, I attended an entrepreneur conference. During the conference we spent a lot of time discussing how to be a presence and making a lasting impression. One of the number one tips was to smile – offer a genuine smile as often as you can.

Being media trained, I realized that although smiling is a definite sign of sincerity, it can also be the one thing that ages you.  Dental hygiene often falls by the wayside as we age.  Many people fear the dentist and fail to maintain their smile as they age. A yellow smile or missing teeth can be a tell-tale sign of old age. The good news is, ladies, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to maintain a white smile.

The trick of the trade is lipstick! I always make certain I have lipstick handy. A quick swipe of a rich shade can make your teeth look up to two shades whiter! (And if you are worried about lead in your lipstick – try  – it is lead free!!)

Of course, you all know brushing and flossing regularly makes all the difference, along with routine dental visits. You should avoid tea, red wine, sodas, coffee and cigarettes to maintain the brightness of your smile naturally. These beverages stain the teeth, while tobacco use can cause tooth loss in addition to discoloration. There are lots of teeth-whitening systems on the market. Try one or ask your dentist for a recommendation. It can make a world of difference in a very short time if you follow the directions carefully.

You only have one set of teeth, so care for them carefully to make your smile shine for a lifetime!

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