Oprah and Suzanne Somers on the Bioidentical Hormone Support Team

Hello all!

I know I owe you all an update on me and I promise I’ll give you one as soon as I can.

But I just wanted to follow up quickly to tell you that our Miss Suzanne Somers will indeed be talking about bioidentical hormones and not so much the stem cells this Thursday the 29th on Oprah’s show.  Here’s the link to Oprah’s website for more information – Suzanne Somers:  The Bioidentical Hormone Follow-up.

And remember, Suzanne, like Oprah, has listed BodyLogicMD as an expert resource – Oprah on her site and Suzanne in her books Ageless (See Chapter 26 pages 331-341she interviews a BodyLogicMD physician) and Breakthrough (page 416).  Uh yeah, I think I chose the right people for my bioidentical hormone therapy.

But of course I am always right…



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  • How exciting is this? I can’t wait. I’ll need extra melatonin tonight, because I am too excited. LOL

  • Suzanne didn’t disappoint. That idiot woman MD, however, tried to confuse the issue. No one is saying you have to get your hormones from any certain pharmacy. We’re just saying they can’t be synthetic, and that they need to be prescribed just for YOU, and not a one size fits all.
    Christiane Northrup disappointed me, because she had the opportunity to clear that up and she didn’t. But Oprah is clearly grateful to Suzanne, and this is a GOOD thing for women. I think we are winning!

  • Deena

    I did not care for the whole format of the show but hopefully there was more good BHRT info sent out than not. I understand Suzanne is on her own personal journey & whatever works for her, as it should be but I really wish they would have left out the 60 supplements she takes everyday as it seemed to be where she lost alot of people’s attention & wrote off as a kook which WE all know she is not.As for Dr. N. I just do not get the fascinatiion with her, she seems to talk out of both sides of her mouth & missed so many opportunities to set the record straight but as long as she’s Oprah’s favorite it’s who we get. Gee I sound like a big downer but didn’t get much out of the webcast either–okay we get it there are FDA approved bioidenticals which is what Dr N seems to want to drill in everybody’s head, what about some defense for the compounding pharmacies that took such a hit, how about the fact that ALL pharmacies are regulated by their state boards and the actual pharmacies are not FDA approved-the drugs are,-seemed like somewhere I heard that from the opposition implying that a compounding pharmacy was like some back alley operation. I know it’s just an hour show but I would have liked to see Wulf Utian (Wyeth’s whipping boy) on the editing room floor & more time spent actually showing the role that the compounding pharmacists play. All this aside it was a great show because Oprah has helped to promote awareness.

  • Lisa

    Judy, where are you? How are you doing on the Bodylogic protocol? Please update us soon!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m back!


  • Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!