Prime Time Disappointment

Hello Again Ladies,


I don’t know about all of you but I was very disappointed with Oprah’s Suzanne Somers show.  I do not feel that the average women was represented at all.  Suzanne is so extreme and that’s ok, but she is not us.  We are regular every day women.  And what about that patient that felt better after 3 days, I mean good for her, but give me a break. I am back on my hormones for 21 days now and still having hot flashes.  I do feel better but no where near balanced yet. 


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  • Lisa

    Judy! I am so sorry to hear of your cancer but so happy that you have found it this early! Wow, what a lot to deal with, no wonder why you were off line for so long. I am sending you cyber healing thoughts for sure and some hugs too!

    I met with Dr. Pippert today! He is a gem and I am excited to work with him! He got a big smile on his face when I talked about you, it was sweet! And, I am really hoping that with his help, I can get my life back.

    So glad you’re blogging again…stay well!

  • Hi Lisa,

    So nice to hear from you. How excited are you? You have just embarked on a life changing journey. Please do not have unrealistic expectations, it takes a few weeks to build your levels after that look-out. I knew you would like Dr Pippert, he is so nice. Thanks for your cyber wishes, it all helps. Keep us posted.


  • Hey Judy,

    You know, I was a different person just 3 days after beginning my bioidenticals. It should not take 21 days. I am not using BobyLogic, I have a doctor who’s been doing this for years, so I don’t know if that made a difference. But I do know this is an art, and the longer a doctor has been practicing this artform, the better the results. The only thing that takes a few weeks is thyroid hormone. Estrogen and testosterone should have an immediate effect. (Progesterone, too, but you don’t use that until day 13 or 14.) IF you are using the correct doses, at the correct times, that is.
    I thought Suzanne was great on Oprah. Her apearance was important, because it will get more women reading her books. And, speaking from personal experience, her books are easy to read and offer a wealth of information and hope. Yes, she’s over the top to some, but the more I do what she’s doing, the better and younger I feel, so I, for one, want all that info and to be able to make my own decisions about how far I want to take it. Wouldn’t you say there’s huge value in that? I mean, let’s get real….none of my “former” MDs would have told me ANY of what I read in “Ageless” or “Breakthrough”.
    Suzanne’s appearance was “a start”. We have to start somewhere. I’m just thankful the conversation ihas begun, aren’t you?


  • Leah,

    When I started with the bios my estrogen was 29. and progesterone 11.
    No way was that to be corrected in 3 days! It’s about the balance between them. I know everyone has different needs and this is an individual science. I myself had some unrealistic expectations and just want to make clear 3 days is a bit quick, but hey if you feel better that soon God bless.

    My body has been thru hell. I am still on several meds and that may be interfering with my hormones. I am also very stressed about my upcoming surg and that is taking its toll as well. I have all the faith in the world in Dr Lee; he and I stay in touch and I will no doubt return to my blissful harmony in good time.

    Keeping it real,

  • Judy,

    You’re so right, I could be an unusual case, because I had extremely good habits (no sugar, no white flour, etc.) and I have lived “over the top” (like Suzanne does now) for most of my life.
    It only took 2 pounds of extra weight (that didn’t come right off) for me to go crazy. I didn’t wait for full blown craziness, is what I’m saying.

    But, it is really because I read Suzanne’s books, that I am enjoying the life I lead today, and not because of any doctor. I sought help with BIHT because I wasn’t enjoying my gym workouts as much, and I LOVE THE GYM.

    My hormone doc said, “You’ll feel better right away; four days tops.” (referring to estrogen) when she first saw me. And she was right.
    Maybe the lesson here is to get to the kids and teens, and young adults on a healthy lifestyle plan, so their hormones are not so badly damaged by the time they get to peri-menopause?

    Absolutely keep it real! I think it’s real that the woman who went to Dr. Prudence Hall felt better in a few days.

    Oh…and by the way, you ARE lucky to have found such a great thoracic surgeon. I’m SO happy for you, because you know how RARE that is, rigth? Right!



  • Laura,

    I did not take care of my body. I am sad about that. But what’s done is done! I will however respect my body from this point on. Smoking was the only bad habit I had left. I have been with the same man for over 10yrs now, so no risky business in that department, nothing left to do except the right thing.