Recovering Menopause Maniac

Hello All!

Here is the last video from my first month with Dr. Lee. I was only a week into treatment and I was still experiencing full-on menopause symptoms! You can definitely tell.

There is just something about the F*!# off look in my eyes that gives it away, don’t you think? LOL!

Viva hormone therapy!



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  • Cindy

    Hi Judy,

    Is this the only way to communicate with you? I am a bioidentical hormone sista and was a menopause maniac 2 years ago. Do you have an email address??? Thanks!!

  • Christine

    You said you no longer want to “jump” and I got that totally.

    You also talked about not being “angry” at doctors anymore because the truth is most of them don’t know. That’s where I’m at “angry”. Trying to get over it.

    I envy your beautiful hair. I used to have nice hair and now I barely have any hair and it falls out daily.

    I’m glad this video is here. I haven’t started treatment yet. Just finished the saliva test and the blood test is next week with the doctors visit next month. I haven’t had hope with this menopause bit in 3 year, 8 doctors later and no difference because none of them could help me. I’ll stop here. So far I’m glad to be onboard.

  • Christine. Wow! 8 must be the number. I saw 8 docs myself. Not one could help. Number 9 was Dr Lee, it’s now my favorite number. I can’t wait for you to start. I must say that I go back and forth about the angry thing. Some days I am consumed with anger over the lost YEARS. I know I cannot get them back. It is my hope that I will put it in the past. Each day I feel better so that helps. It’s important we use our anger to educate all women about bioidentical hormone therapy. There is a way out of this hormone hell. I have to laugh when I hear people call it the “change”. What a joke. Remember, it was that anger inside me that brought me to BLMD, so I guess I should be grateful. Good luck, and don’t forget to check back in and keep us updated. JudyB