Robin McGraw Makes Another House Call!

I just can’t get enough of Robin McGraw! She made an appearance on the show The Doctors, a great show that features health and wellness issues with actual physicians as the hosts (may I say, the docs are all easy on the eyes too!) Check out the show’s synopsis, and Robin and the doctors tackle many topics about menopause, health, and HRT!

*Bettering Your Body – there’s always room for improvement!

*Robin’s Change of Life (go figure, she LOVED going through menopause!)

*Can You Overshampoo Your ‘Do? (nothing wrong with lightening up the topic, right?)

*Carbs and Your Memory – creating a balanced diet that’s right for your body.

*Noninvasive Liposuction – Robin’s all for it! What do you think? Would you go under the knife (or in this case, the noninvasive knife) to change your look?

*Does A Good Night’s Sleep Equal Happiness? – Menopausal men and women face this all the time. Insomnia is terrible for you in so many ways!

*Hormone Replacement Therapy – FINALLY, we get to the point! Robin introduces a woman suffering from exhaustion and mood swings to her gynecologist, Dr. Prudence Hall. Dr. Hall takes her, and viewers, into the world of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and compounding pharmacies. I’m SO GLAD they spent time on speaking about compounding pharmacies and the bioidentical hormones themselves. It’s important for people to learn about what they’re putting into their bodies – so many people take prescriptions from their doctor without learning what’s actually in them.

Kudos to The Doctors and Robin McGraw for an amazing, informative show!


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  • Prudence Hall has been Suzanne Somers’ gyno for YEARS…. And it takes Robin McGraw to get the word out? Puzzling.
    But as long as someone is getting the word out, I guess it’s okay.
    If Robin wasn’t married to Dr. Phil, who knows how long this would have taken? LOL

  • gary

    Very informative, write more! Thanks.