What would you give to do away with your worst menopause symptom? If you could, would you trade your hot flashes for greater memory loss? Would you give up your hair if you could have plenty of good, quality sleep every night? Would you trade a year of your life to wipe out all your menopause symptoms? Two years? Five?

Luckily — or unfortunately, depending on how you’re looking at it — none of these options are actually available. But they do give you something to think about. The “gifts” that the Menopause Witch brings us can seem to completely take over your life and it’s not strange to want to do anything in your power to get rid of them.

This links back to a common argument I hear about hormone therapy. So many people say that it increases your risk of breast cancer, but, others say, if it’ll get rid of those symptoms, it’s a risk they’ll take.

But they don’t have to. It’s the synthetic hormones that are so dangerous. Bioidenticals are much safer.

I wish more people knew about this safe, natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement. You’d be doing yourself a favor if you did some research on the matter.

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