Sex and The City and Menopause Part 2

star-clipart-princess-wandI finally got a chance to see Sex and the City 2; menopause was definitely a prominent theme in this movie. My life is so busy I am honestly shocked that I even made the time to see this movie. I wanted to go last weekend but it proved impossible as my daughter had her friends over the house for a study session. One thing is leaving my daughter home alone but it’s quite a different thing to leave the house to several teenagers. 

I am glad that I got to see this movie mainly because they discussed menopause in a much more positive light. Ordinarily menopause is talked about in a very negative undertone; after all in our society the word menopause has become a euphemism for old.

I don’t want to give much of it away; however, I will mention that there is a very funny part in which they confiscate Samantha’s hormones. It shows how much she relies on them for her well-being.

If you haven’t already seen the movie: Watch Samantha talk about bioidentical hormones

This past week they had a cancellation at my doctor’s office so the good news was that I was able to make it. I waited for about one hour before they let me in and then when I was given a room I waited about another 20 minutes until I finally saw my doctor. The doctor spent about ten minutes with me and from there decided that what I had was anxiety common to the aging women. I was not pleased.

When I said that I did not need anxiety medication he didn’t even bother to listen. Seeing that I was not going to get my way I asked if I could get the medicine that worked to calm your nerves instantly versus the kind that you need to be on forever and that take two weeks to take effect. He told me the pills I was referring to were a thing of the past and not as effective at treating the problem. Needless to say, I left with no prescription in hand. I don’t want a pill that makes be believe I feel better. I actually want to be better.

Next on the game plan is doing more research on hormone therapy.



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  • Thanks for this fun helpful site. Let us know how we can contribute and help.

  • Thanks for this fun helpful site. Let us know how we can contribute and help.

  • Hannah M


    I have been to my doctor 2 times and gyno 2 times to discuss my symptoms of premature menopause…they pretty much laughed me out the door. I have every single symptom I have ever read about, and they are getting worse. The worst one is anxiety, and panic over what seems like nothing, sometimes it’s so challenging to drive as I am anxious alot through the drive. I am only 34, but these symptoms started a few years after I had my tubes tied. It has been a very rough experience, but like you I am searching for relief and am still looking for a doctor who will listen. Good luck in your search.