Shopping, Holidays and Menopause

Happy President’s Day, Menopause Maniacs!

So, who’s taking advantage of some President’s Day sales? I most certainly am. I’ve compiled a very nice schedule for today that, I expect, should ensure I catch all the best of the sales and still get home in time to spend the evening relaxing with my family.

But, not too long ago, my plans for today would have been beyond me. It was my menopause, you see. I’ve mentioned before just how hard it hit me. I would scarcely have the energy to head out to the sales – even though President’s Day sales are so calmer than those of the previous few months. And if I did manage it – oh, my. I feel so bad for all the poor souls who worked in retail when the Witch was in residence.

Remember those comments I’d made of how I used to treat my family? Well, they are family. The strangers behind the counters, working the cash registers, or trying to appease my demands? Oh, yes. All I can say to all of them is that I do sincerely apologize for my actions and my words.

Of course, just because the Witch has taken her leave does not mean that she never comes to call. But I really try to watch my behavior, now that I have what I consider a sound mind again. For it really wasn’t sound, back then.

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