Sleepless and Menopausal

star-clipart-princess-wandThis is my first Menopause Maniac Blog; I hope it won’t be the last. I began the process of menopause over a year ago and the term “maniac” is probably the BEST word one would use to describe me.

I am 47 years old and I can’t honestly remember the last time I’ve had a good night’s sleep. It seems that if I go to sleep past 8pm, I’m doomed to a night of intermittent sleep. Amazing how just two years ago I was capable of following asleep at any given time and it was perfectly fine. Now, there is a whole ritual involved in my sleep patterns! My whole day revolves around having to be asleep by 8pm and doing everything in such a way that I won’t jeopardize my sleep schedule. To make matters worse, I’m a light sleeper. Every little noise, I hear it – be it the downstairs toilet running or the A/C kicking on. As for anyone who threatens my sleep, they are immediately put before a line of fire.

If I were married, I don’t see how I could share a bed with my husband; it would be the end of our marriage. My daughter who is now 17 has to obey the same sleep ritual as myself. She’s banished to her room at 7:45pm and any noise after that is inexcusable and punishable to the maximum degree. Of course we don’t see eye to eye on this subject. She doesn’t understand the difficulties of what I’m facing; this isn’t a choice. The worst part is that when she does need to use the restroom and she wakes me up I become a monster, a person neither she nor I recognize. At the time my reactions seem completely justifiable; aren’t they? I still don’t know. It seems that lack of sleep would be a reason to get angry at anyone. She just doesn’t understand how vital to my health sleep has truly become.



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  • Sherri

    Man, can I relate. I sweat all night. Have you had anxiety with this little endeavor? I’m 47 also. Just curious, cause mines about to drive me crazy.

  • Sherri

    Man, can I relate. I sweat all night. Have you had anxiety with this little endeavor? I’m 47 also. Just curious, cause mines about to drive me crazy.

  • Vicki

    Just found your blogsite. HELP! suffering from horrible insomnia Iam late 50s and considering Biologic doctor for help. No help from traditional medical. Do you or anyone else use these type of hormones. I’m so confused with all the info! Thanks, Vicki

  • Lot’s of people have tried bioidentical hormones and had much success … you can find testimonials on YouTube… Typical doctors don’t always have the time to treat the underlying issues.

  • Bella

    Sherri, I just noticed your comment now. I get very anxious. I feel like I did when I was in college right before a big test. I was even thinking of taking anxiety medication for it. I am going to talk to my doctor and see what he thinks.

  • Sherry

    Hi all,

    Another Sherry here…I’m 44, had a total hysterectomy at 32 so I was sort of ‘forced’ into an early menopause. The thing is, I honestly cannot remember the last GOOD night of sleep I have had. I can relate to many of your issues. I have even tried ambien. However, I was less than happy with it’s results, not to mention the strange side-effects.

    Anyway, just so you know Bella, I am and have been on Paxil (anti-anxiety) for several years for anxiety. Although it helps with my daily anxiety…a lot, it does nothing at all for my insomnia.

    I hope to have my first appointment with the biologic doctor soon as I cannot deal with this (or all the other symptoms) much longer!


  • Ellen

    I had no idea that my sleep issues had anything to do with menopause. How I hate that word!!! It is for old people and I am not old. I was thrown into menopause via surgery that I tried to avoid for almost eight years. I am just finding out about replacement therapy that is not fake and am working on finding the right doctor. Someone please tell me that these bio-identicals actually work with sleeplessness. Also, please tell me how long it was before you began to actually sleep.

  • Ellen,

    Here is a great video on sleep and hormones: Sleep and Hormones

    I hope this is of help to you. The only way to determine the source of you sleep issues is to get your hormone levels tested. If you’d like more information on testing and treatment, I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂