So Many More Blogs!

My favorite blogs are health blogs. Maybe that’s why I dedicate my own blogging to the biggest health issue in my life, right now (menopause, obviously!) And, of course, there are some health blogs I like more than others – and some that are doing really exciting things, right now!

If you don’t already read it, I highly recommend checking out the Bioidentical Hormones Experts blog ( )! While it’s always been pretty great, with formal-style posts, videos and news summaries from lots of different doctors, it’s become even more amazing lately. Apparently, all of the BodyLogicMD doctors (and there are lots of them, throughout the country!) are doing their own blogs, now! While it could be pretty hectic to follow 50+ doctor blogs, all of their posts are also posted on the Bioidentical Hormone Experts blogs, so you just need to hit one site to see it all.

It’s a great way to see things from the doctors’ point of view.

Love and Balance!



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