Stay Positive!

Good afternoon, Menopause Maniacs!

Recently, the past has been heavy in my thoughts. I’ve lived a full and fulfilling life, but there are times when I really must remind myself of all the great things I’ve done and wonderful people I’ve met. I’m not sure if it has something to do with menopause, or just getting older in general.

I remember, when I was first stepping onto the winding path, these thoughts were constant and horrifyingly so. The Menopause Witch whispered them in my ear. She told me that I was old. That my life was half-over, and I’d wasted it on meaningless pursuits. She reminded me of my every failure and convinced me that every shortcoming was a terrible personal flaw. And I, I am sorry to say, took all of that out on everyone around me.

At the time, the Witch convinced me that I was warning them. That I was helping my loved ones by letting them learn from my mistakes. But, in reality, I was simply bringing them down. I argued with my son and daughter-in-law over everything, from how they were raising their children to how they handled their professional life. I had, in a way, become the Witch. I let her speak through me, and it hurt those I loved.

I have learned a great deal since then. Now, when the Witch comes whispering, I do not listen to her. Oh, I can still hear her, and she can still bring me down, from time to time. But I make a point to focus on the good. I married a wonderful man, and, despite many hardships, raised a truly outstanding son. I made many amazing friends, and I know I have been a positive influence in so many lives. I’ve given to charity. I’ve volunteered. I held a successful career.

I remind myself of just who I am when the Witch does not have control. I’m a beautiful older woman, and I’m very pleased of how I look at my age. I am caring and loving. I am active, and can keep up with my granddaughters.

It’s easy to let the negativity seep in, but it’s oh so very important to hold tight to the positive. Don’t let yourself forget just how wonderful you truly are, and just what an amazing mark you’ve made on this world.

Until next time,




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