Step up to the plate and call it what it is….”MANopause”!

Mr. Maniac…my fellow maniac keeps referring to this person in her life, and she even makes him likeable, yet I find myself hesitating to admit that I too, have a Mr. Maniac in my life.

Actually, when I think about it, I do not have a Mr. Maniac in my life, I have a Mr. Menopause! (I am only going to share this part of my life because I know that for the most part, my friends and relatives do not read this blog.)

So what do you think guys?  Do men experience menopause? And if they do, would they admit it? And if they would admit it, would it be to their friends? Would they blog about it? Would they cry on their man-buddies shoulders and risk being called a “man”-iac? Or would they just give it a name like “mid life crisis” and deal with it in other ways? Would one of them please step up to the plate and call it what it is….”MANopause”!

This is what I know…I miss my over-sexed, full of testosterone, scuba diving, wind surfing, boat painting, lawn mowing, life loving man who was motivated to take care of me AND the house! I know he still exists yet he is in hiding but I just want to see him again.

At first I thought it was just me….I thought I was the only one who had changed, obviously I had, because before I started BHRT I was fine with how things were. I didn’t want to be touched, I had no energy to play in the water, and the last thing I wanted to do was pull the weeds that have grown in my (proverbial) garden. But now I want to admit it, I would love to have the man that I met 17 years back (or even a part of him).

So seriously, is there a Mr. Maniac out there willing to share, and if so, can I have my husband call you?


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  • Monica

    Have you asked him about whether he has felt the changes attributed to andropause? Perhaps you can be an inspiration to him. Tell him you heard from your doctor about andropause and how it can help him to find his energy again.

  • Diane

    Yes, we have talked, and he has noticed the differance in me, but like most men, well, you know 🙂