Suzanne Somers Announces the Release of Her New Book, “Knockout”

Hello everyone… I appreciate the opportunity to stop in and say hi to all you Maniacs out there!  Diane and Monica – y’all have me on the floor rolling every time you share another glimpse into your lives and the things that make us all MM’s in a way! 

Did you know that Suzanne Somers is getting ready to release a new book? It’s called “Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer – and How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place?”  For those of us who are willing to make lifestyle changes to live a longer and healthier life, but aren’t quite sure of the steps we need to take to do so, this is sure to be a great read! In her latest book, Somers discusses how making lifestyle changes can help us avoid many of the risks associated with the development of cancer. In addition to lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, one of the primary factors that Somers attributes to the prevention of cancer (specifically to reduce inflammation) is the use of bioidentical hormones to correct hormonal imbalance. Scientific evidence proves that inflammation is at the root of many diseases such as cancer and this inflammation is often a result of hormonal imbalances.

As many of us maniacs are well aware, menopause isn’t fun for anyone – but what most of us didn’t know is that the effects of hormonal imbalances like menopause and perimenopause can actually increase our risk of developing cancer.  What a better time than now to take care of you… Start now, start today – it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Have you done your BSE yet?

In her book, Somers emphasizes the value of balancing your hormones and recommends a daily regimen of fitness, nutrition and stress reduction techniques. By eating a diet that is rich in antioxidants and engaging in physical activity regularly, we are taking simple steps to greatly reduce our risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

She releases her book on the 20th… check out the cool counter on her site!

Enjoy the day… and don’t forget to ~carpe diem~  🙂



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  • Diane

    Thanks for reminding us to examine our breasts monthly. My mother had breast cancer and did not see her 50th birthday, consequently I have been getting mammongrams since I was 30! We are so fortunate in this day and age that we have so many resources available to us that my mom did not have in the 1960’s, including Bioidentical Hormones and Nutritional Information.
    RE: Somers’ book – I look forward to reading it and seeing what the doctors have to say about Cancer prevention, although, I must admit that the statement “one of the primary factors that Somers attributes to the prevention of cancer (specifically to reduce inflammation) is the use of bioidentical hormones to correct hormonal imbalance.” bothers me a bit. But…I will wait to read the book, and get the facts, before making any judgements 🙂

  • Nicole yellig

    Dear Suzanne Somers,
    Hello. I remember you from Three’s Company. I still watch the episodes on TVLAND. I was wondering if you could give me some advice and help. I recently read about your book and struggle with cancer. The reason why I want some advice is because I’m 35 and going through perimenopause. I have hot flashes and mood swings during the day, and at night I have trouble sleeping and suffer from night sweats. I’m single. I’ve never been married, and never had children. I was wondering what should type of therapy should I use to handle my perimenopause, and hold off menopause for awhile?. I have been reading about Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Estrogen Replacement Therapy. I switched my eating habits from a meatlover to vegetarian. I exercise everyday. I drink 8 or 9 glasses of milk monthly. Some of my symptoms to perimenopause is PMS symptoms, irregular periods, and some depression. I would really appreciate your advice from one women to another women. How do I stop people from thinking I’m crazy?.

  • Suzanne’s scheduled Book Interview on the Larry King Live show Monday night at 9 PM was cancelled and replaced by Wolf Blitzer with nonsense content. The cancelled Larry King Show with Suzanne included two of the doctors from her book, Stanislaw Burzynski and Nicholas Gonzalez. Wolf says the show has been rescheduled for Friday night at 9 PM.

    Why the cancellation? I suspect the networks are being pressured by the cancer establishment not to air the show. I seriously doubt the show will air at all.

    for more: