Suzanne Somers on Cancer Treatment

I watched Suzanne Somers on Larry King last night. I was amazed by her story of the inaccurate diagnosis that she received last November. I was also not surprised the doctors whose care she was under prescribed chemo, while at the same time telling her she was going die anyway.

So what is Chemo and how was it discovered? According to one website (which I like because it puts it in simple terms) “Mustard gas, a poison, was used in World War I (1914). The soldiers who had cancer and were exposed to the gas showed improvement in their cancers. These healing effects of mustard gas were discovered by accident and called chemotherapy.”

So, what was once used to kill is now being used to heal, and sometimes it works, although the person on the receiving end of Chemo often wishes they were dead because of the side affects.

I have always said that if I were to be diagnosed with terminal cancer I would forgo the chemo and opt instead for homeopathic treatments such as nutrition, prayer and meditation. Seeing Ms. Somers’ on Larry King did not influence that decision. But listening to some of the doctors who disagreed with her just confirmed my opinion of main stream medicine, that sometimes so called scientific methods throw common sense out the window, and this is one reason I made the decision use bioidentical hormone replacements instead of the standard hormones that most doctors prescribe.


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  • Monica

    It’s a very exciting path we are walking, don’t you think? I really hope that it opens up the minds of people that traditional methods are not always the best.

    I know there are no guarantees, but I would hope that I am NEVER faced with cancer. Unfortunately, the odds are not in my favor. I will keep trying to take care of myself though and do everything to avoid it! 🙂

  • Suzanne Somers’s Interview on the Larry King Live included two MD’s from her Knockout book who treat cancer with alternative therapies, Stanislaw Burzynski and Nicholas Gonzalez Also included were defending cancer heavyweights Otis Brawley and Keith Black who represented chemotherapy and the cancer establishment. The lively exchange between the opposing sides could be described as a
    hatchet job or a cat fight depending on your point of view…

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