Suzanne Somers: What’s Next?!?

So last night I caught the end of Conversations with Michael Eisner and guess what?  Suzanne Somers was on.

We know that she will appear on Oprah on January 29th and we have assumed that it would be about bioidentical hormones, and I’m sure they’ll bring it up, but now I’m thinking that Suzanne may discuss more her newest kick:  Stem Cells.

While she mentioned her book Breakthrough:  Eight Steps to Wellness she did not mention bioidenticals, at least not in the portion of the show I caught.  Basically, Suzanne has found this company, the name escapes me now, that can harvest your own stem cells from your bone marrow.  She went through this four hour procedure to get all her little Suzannes to store away just in case.  She claims that they can be used to fight her cancer if it ever comes back, to repair heart and skin damange, and she is even planning on (once a study is completed) to use the stem cells to regrow the portion of her breast that was removed when she had cancer.

Now this all sounds great, weird for sure, but it sounds fantastic.  Apparently she is writing a book on the subject right now.  I don’t know enough to say if it is safe or if it is all that it is cracked up to be, but I tend to give her the benefit of the doubt ever since she told the world about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Hopefully it is as good as she says and hopefully the medical world will listen to her.  Because right now, it is very expensive and is not covered by any insurance.  Who knows?  But look out, we are bound to hear a lot about this very soon.

I just hope that Suzanne and Oprah spend some time on the topic of bioidenticals a week from this Thursday.  Oh and thank you ladies for the comments and info.  Oprah’s show on bioidenticals will re-air this Thursday the 22nd.  If you missed it before, TiVo it now!

Maybe I should have my little Judys stored away, can they make me look 20 again?  If so, it might just be worth the cost!



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  • I saw that same segment. Funny, because I never watch that show, was flipping channels and Eisner was interviewing Dr. OZ, so I watched.
    When he said next up was Suzanne Somers, I stayed tuned.
    Suzanne banked her stem cells with “NeoStem Company”. I’m thinking of doing the same. It’s about $7,500, but they’ll let you pay if off over a 4 year timeframe. Once you do it, it’s done, and you can relax about getting any kind of cancer or disease. (If Patrick Swayze had done this, he could have grown a new disease free pancreas.)

    However, I do think Suzanne will talk about bioientical hormones on the 29th. Because she knows that Oprah is a novice and that her audience is clueless and that until our hormones are balanced, all these other things are useless. I mean, who would want to continue living at all, feeling like “you know what” everyday? LOL, not me!

  • I believe Suzanne Somers is going to be on Oprah Thursday, January 29th. She must be doing her second show on Hormone Replacement. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Warmest regards,


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