Teenage Birthday and Menopause Moms

It’s Crissy’s birthday today. Know what that means? It means a bunch of crazy teenagers rampaging in my house, that’s what that means. You think it’s hard to deal with teenage kids during menopause? Try dealing with all their friends – all at once! – too. I know my house is going to be a wreck and, of course, if I show myself, I’ll be “ruining everything.”

PatientHubby and I thought about going out to get away from it, but I don’t want to not be there in case anything gets out of hand. So, we’ve rented a bunch of movies and we’re going to have a night in – in the bedroom. We’ll still be able to hear everything (which is good and bad) and we’ll be out of the kids’ hair. Unless something sets me off.
Love and balance,


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