I just love Fridays! There’s great stuff on TV, and a wide open weekend ahead. The only thing that would make it any better would be if Peri symptoms took a break for the weekend, too! XD

Still, you’re free to do almost anything you want on the weekend. So, if a hot flash starts turning up the temp, you can turn the thermostat waaay down! Want to wear a teeny tiny tank top and cut-off shorts? You’re not at work, so go right ahead! I think I might even drop by the community pool this weekend with my Sugar-cake. She’d love it, and with all that water about, no one would be able to see the sweat! I can even shrug off the flushing as coming from the exercise. 🙂

What kind of freedom do you find on the weekend? I hope everyone else has as great a time as I plan to!

Jessica Out 🙂


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