Thanks BodyLogicMD, for giving me back my LOVE!

I rode my bike to the beach Saturday morning!!! Well, kind of…I put my bike in my car, drove it fairly close to the beach, and THEN I rode my bike to the beach and on to Charlie’s Chili at the Newport Beach pier.

My husband’s Saturday ritual for the last few years; wake up at 7 AM, get on his bike, ride 40 miles with his dad, who just turned 77, and a bunch of friends. Often his other siblings join him as well. My husband enjoys this time with his “old man” as he calls him, immensely, and has always asked me to join them but I have never felt like it in the past. Either it was too hot, or too cold, or I had some work to do, or blah blah blah…I always had an excuse. Mainly, I just wasn’t motivated to exercise or spend time socializing with a bunch of people who were always smiling…I was just a lazy, bitchy, cranky maniac!!!

Last night, out of the blue, I got the urge! I told my husband that I thought I would like to join them this time. He looked at me like sure, uh huh, no problem…but he said OK. He told me where I could meet them half way so that I didn’t kill myself trying to do the whole 40 miles the first time but I am pretty sure he thought I’d back out this morning…but I didn’t!

So this morning I rode about 20 miles on my bike. It felt great. I feel great. The day was gorgeous…I love the beach. I love living in Southern California. I love my life right now. I love my husband. I love sex. Hmmmm…where is that husband of mine J

Thanks BodyLogicMD, for giving me back my LOVE!


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