The Amazing Feats of Modern Medicine

When I moved to Pennsylvania I had to search for a doctor to give me bioidentical hormones. The first doctor I visited had heard of this kind of treatment but had only done it once and really didn’t want to get involved in any “controversial” treatments. The next doctor gave me an appointment so as I happily arrived and was weighed by the nurse, she told me there was no way any doctor in his right mind would give me hormones, “….with the scare and all,  you would have to be crazy to take that stuff.”

The third doctor was the charm! He was actually an infertility doctor but agreed to see me. I think he was more curious than anything, but I went to my appointment. As I walked in the door and took my seat I decided he must be a very effective doctor. The room was full of women and their husbands! I remember thinking, “Thank goodness, this guy must know what he’s doing!”

I didn’t notice the stares at me until I was leaving and one bold gentleman asked, “So, when do you expect your little one? I didn’t know women your age could have babies.” In an instant I realized they all thought I was there for fertility purposes and I just couldn’t resist the next statement: “Well,” I said, “it’s just amazing what modern medicine can do – and I’ve even had a hysterectomy!” I smiled and left them looking at one another in amazement.


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