The Energy to Keep Up the Pace

There is no recovery time in this crazy business.  When an agent calls, I have to jump. Regardless of the time of day or what I had been doing before, I have to seize every opportunity and get to the call – it takes a lot of energy.

Last week, I literally worked every day and every night since last Sunday with absolutely no break. (I’m taking a break tomorrow – yay!!!) Even with bioidentical hormones, I had a reaction to all the work. Every Saturday night is date night for my husband and me.  Well, after a week like this one I was running on a pretty “low tank,” especially when it came to setting off fireworks in the bedroom. (So not like me!! My husband is quite so spoiled by me.) So, when his little “hot tamale” wife was showing no interest, he became worried. After church yesterday morning and a long afternoon rehearsal, he finally asked, “What’s wrong Cherie? This is not like you. Are you getting all the attention you need from your scene partners and leading men and don’t need me?” I was shocked to hear him talk this way, but I was relieved that he was openly communicating with me. (We have agreed to handle our relationship very transparently, especially in regard to my work as an actress.)

His question got me thinking. I realized the reason for my “coolness” had nothing to do with the other men in my life and everything to do with a week that was extremely over scheduled. Fortunately, we figured it out after some discussion and I recognized balance (as much as possible) is really important. Adequate sleep, good eating habits and good communication with my hubby will be more important than ever as I go forward in this career.

So, to my dear husband, I say, just give me a little shut-eye honey, and tomorrow night you’ll be my leading man!


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